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2020 Color Forecast

Polished Colors Artfully Lead The Charge Into A New Decade Six hues with undeniable charm set the stage for Brentano’s 2020 Color Forecast

With eyes set on the future, Brentano welcomes a host of new versatile hues for its twelfth annual color forecast. Embracing change and paving the way for new-age neutrals the six distinguished colors from Brentano’s 2020 color selections are a breath of fresh air. A delicate dance between rich, highly saturated tones (Summer Dawn, Spruce), soft pastels (French Lavender, Dusty Rose and Crystal Springs) and warm neutrals (Weathered Oak) the 2020 forecast showcases layers of sophisticated color each with their own celebrated characteristics. 

“Many of these hues are ones that have interested me for quite some time,” notes Founder and Design Director, Iris Wang. “While blues and teals have always had relevance within our line, the way in which they are evolving is ever-changing. While Lavender has proven to gain strength in popularity with each collection launch, I have recently taken interest in exploring varying renditions of yellow and it’s vibrant, avant-garde qualities.”

Dusty Rose – On the heels of 2019’s Pink Champagne, Dusty Rose’s prominent qualities create an ombre effect that lend the color to a refined and muted color story with a matte finish of rosy pinks and lush purples. The gentle, romantic nature of Dusty Rose opens the door for designing fashionable interiors with an au courant, chic, sophisticated ambiance.

From Left: Niagara Dusty Rose*, Thebes Pink Champagne*, Waltz Pink Champagne, Contessa White Peach, Empire Blush, Fontaine Pink Champagne.

Spruce – A functional and dexterous green, Spruce’s subtle shades of light and dark blue provides a unique opportunity for designers. Pairing well with a fortitude of colors, this rich, never drab hue is both soothing and bold. Schemed with a mix of charcoals, blues and beige, this color is perfect for contract, hospitality and residential projects alike. 

From Left: Andes Seacliff*, Dorado Blue Iguana*, Niagara Jade*, Lutra Cadet Teal, Babylon Jade*, Hanoi Dirty Martini*

Summer Dawn – When the sun is setting and golden hour is upon us, the beautiful, arresting nature of Summer Dawn is at its best. A fresh approach to cool yellows with a hint of green, Summer Dawn has the energetic qualities of a canary yellow with the opulent tones of a goldenrod or whiskey. An elegant mix of light and dark, this dimensional, layered color is an instant showstopper when paired with classic emeralds, deep blues, regal purples and warm browns.

From Left: Dorado Whiskey*, Element Omelette*, Olympia Summer Dawn*, Niagara Summer Dawn*, Landscape Lemon Drop, Caspian Tuscan Sun.

French Lavender – A personal favorite of Design Director, Iris Wang, French Lavender is an elusive soft pastel purple with a grey undertones. A recent introduction to Brentano’s line with Fall 2019’s Clearwater Collection, French Lavender brings tangible beauty to modern design with hints of amethyst and fleeting characteristics of lilac. This stylish and polished color has become a fast favorite among residential and contract designers alike. 

Crystal Springs – A cool approach to trendy blues, Crystal Springs is a modern, charming and lively addition to Brentano’s 2020 Color Forecast. An exquisite combination of lustrous, smart and serene blues paired with tonal ombre highlights, creates an enchanting and refined effect, that would enhance any commercial, hospitality or residential project. 

From Left: Thebes Crystal Springs*, Dorado Crystal Springs*, Tamara Bugatti, Flanders Flax*, Gem Azore, Comet Aquamarine.

Weathered Oak – A linen grey with warm tones and a hint of brown, Weathered Oak is a welcome alternative to traditional neutrals. With its unique blend of understated, driftwood-like aesthetics and transitional silver-fox traits, Weathered Oak has earned its place among the ranks of notable neutrals in the marketplace.

From Left: Thebes Platinum*, Babylon Ivory*, Selfridge Linen, Gem Asteria, Seine Platinum, Riverbank Flax * Textiles will be released Spring 2020.

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