Unrivaled in movement, function, and flexibility, swivel chairs have been an industry standard for many years. Now, designer-favorite swivels are available in an array of irresistible styles from Gabby custom tailored upholstery. Why have these seats become so popular? Upholstered swivel chairs enhance the modern home with adaptability and seamless motion, while simultaneously solving a plethora of design challenges. Small space? Consider a swivel chair. Open floor plan? Consider a swivel chair. Multiple focal points? You guessed it—consider a swivel! Today, we will explore a dozen of our best-selling upholstered swivel chairs to enhance, not dictate, your home’s layout and design.

Where to Incorporate an Upholstered Swivel Chair

The truth is, there’s no right answer when it comes to swivel chair placement; simply look for a piece that fits your scale and style. Then, get creative—unexpected areas can often benefit the most from flexible seating. Here are five of our favorite spaces for incorporating Gabby upholstered swivel chairs into the action:

1) Sunroom: Soak in the landscape from the comfort of a casual seat, With a relaxed flange welt and extra cushions for added support, this piece is ideal for hours of outdoor tranquility.

2) Home Office: When your laptop, cell phone, file folders, and coffee cup are spread across the desk, a full range of motion is required. Work smarter with a business-ready seat.

3) Nursery: A parent’s hands are always full. With a great swivel chair, mom & dad can easily reach for the bottle, wipes, or bedtime story while remaining seated.

4) Master Suite: At the foot of the bed, beside a deep soaking tub… upholstered swivel chairs belong in the master bedroom. Have a dreamy walk-in closet? Add the fashion-forward inside a spacious wardrobe for luxurious boudoir seating.

5) Living Room: Equally suited for a sprawling floor plan or a quaint pied-à-terre. Whether the room’s focal point is the television, artwork, or a picturesque outdoor view, guests can easily glide toward the visual focus.

How Designers Say to Incorporate Accent and Swivel Chairs

Why do design professionals often opt for swivel chairs? We went straight to the source, interviewing interior designer Cherith Craft of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Craft believes swivel chairs work hard to “bring spaces together” in the modern home. She explains, “Most of our homes have an open floor plan from the kitchen to the living room. I love to use Gabby swivel chairs between those two spaces so that the chairs can be utilized from both rooms.”

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